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These are my holiday and event ideas for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Holidays and events will come with specific billboards available in the shop or through quests or giveaways.

Timmy O'Toole Appreciation Day

  • January 9 is Timmy O'Toole Appreciation Day. Make all the celebrities sing to unlock the well and you can get Bart stuck in the well or use a radio as a full-time mission afterward.
    • Radio Bart will be free on iTunes for that day only.

National Milk Day

  • January 11 is National Milk Day and you can buy milkcans that were seen in The Great Simpsina. Cregg Demon and his son (both looks) will be unlocked as a non-playable character if you buy two for 20,000 Cash each.
    • The Great Simpsina will be free on iTunes for that day only.
  • Make Lisa do the milk trick (twenty-four hour task) for a playable version of The Great Raymondo.
  • Milk Trucks will be buyable from the store that day only for 26,000 Cash.

Alien Week

  • Go stop the aliens and find out the mysterious creatures and their artifacts during the week of January 13 (the day The Springfield Files premiered).
    • The episode will be free on iTunes for that day only.
  • Agent Mulder and Agent Scully will be available each for 100,000 Cash.
  • Alien Burns will be unlocked for free once you get both of the agents.
  • Complete all the missions and tasks within a week to get Leonard Nimoy for free. All characters will be in talkable fashion.
  • Catch Kang and Kodos in the sky to get Serak the Preparer to prepare monthly visits (monthly incomes) for Springfield. The incomes will be 10000 Cash, 2500 XP and 5 Donut.

Super Bowl

  • Pick the correct winner of the Super Bowl to get Jimmy Apollo in a non-speaking role.
    • Lisa the Greek will be free on iTunes for that day only.

Valentine's Day

  • Give Ralph Wiggum a "Choo-choo-choose you" card from Lisa Simpson for 10 Donut, 50 Cash and 100 XP.
    • The episode will be free on iTunes for that day only.
  • The Love Tester with options to include or don't include Grandpa's voice will be available for 25 Donut.
  • Unlock each one of Bart's girlfriends.
    • Gina Vendetti: do a 1 hour task.
    • Darcy: do a 12 hour task.
    • Jenny: do a 24 hour task.
    • Nikki McKenna: pay 500 Cash.
    • Gretta Wolfcastle: pay 1000 Cash.
    • Jessica Lovejoy: pay 2500 Cash.
    • Mary Spuckler: pay 100 Donut.
    • Their respectful episodes will be free on iTunes for that day only.
  • For 2014, you will also be able to unlock Melody Juniper for 5000 Cash, Shauna for 10000 Cash and Laura Powers for 250 Donut.
    • Laura Powers will come with Bart's ripped out heart.
  • An alternate form of Dr. Hibbert, Malcolm Sex will be unlocked if you get all the girls.

Join the Navy Week
Party Posse Party

  • On the week of February 25, Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph can all get Party Posse costumes for 50 Donut each. You can make them all do concerts now where they can get big cash. They get 200 Cash and 50 XP per hour and they might drop 1-3 Donut at times.
  • Unlock all the Party Posse costumes to get L.T. Smash, in a playable role.
  • Classified Records will be available in the shop for 250,000 Cash.
  • During this week, New Kids on the Blecch will be free on iTunes.

Birthday 2014

  • On March 1, all Simpsons seasons will be discounted on iTunes. On Tapped Out, go to the game for:
    • 1 mystery box
    • 1 Homer Buddah
    • 1 new character skin
    • E-Z Blow Cake
    • Lucky day at scratchoffs
    • Triple income for the day
    • Faster tasks for the day
    • 10 Donut
    • 10,000 Cash
    • 5,000 XP
    • A billboard saying: "I have been on Tapped Out for a year!"
  • For the Tapped Out birthday, giveaways (on social networking sites and featured in the Springfield Shopper) will happen all day for:
    • Premium characters
    • Premium buildings
    • Pink Shirt Homer, Lucky Red Hat Bart, Night Lisa and Leon Kompowsky
    • Bobo Smithers or a Bobo bear
    • 1,000 Pound Cake
    • A free level up
    • A free episode pack
    • Lucky day at gambling areas
    • Tomorrow's "Springfield for a Day"
    • Another 25 Days of Christmas wish
    • A billboard saying "My Ideas Haven't Been Used Yet!" (with a picture of Gil).
    • 100 free random decorations (donuts or cash)
    • 10 Donut
    • 25 Donut
    • 50 Donut
    • 75 Donut
    • 100 Donut
    • 250 Donut
    • 500 Donut
    • 1,000 Donut
    • 5,000 Cash
    • 10,000 Cash
    • 25,000 Cash
    • 50,000 Cash
    • 100,000 Cash
    • 250,000 Cash
    • 500,000 Cash
    • 1,000,000 Cash
    • 2,500,000 Cash
    • 500 XP
    • 1,000 XP
    • 2,500 XP
    • 5,000 XP
    • 10,000 XP
    • 25,000 XP
    • 50,000 XP
  • Whenever it is the tapper's birthday, the tapper will receive:
    • 1 mystery box
    • 1 Homer Buddah
    • 1 new character skin
    • Giant Donut Cake
    • Triple income for the day
    • Faster tasks for the day
    • A new premium character
    • Lucky day at gambling areas
    • A Birthday Wish, similar to the 25 Days of Christmas
    • 20 Donut
    • 25,000 Cash
    • 7,500 XP
    • A billboard saying: "Do not hire this man for birthdays" (with a picture of Snake).

Dental Day

  • On March 5, if you log in, you get Evil Braces Lisa and "Last Exit for Springfield" will be available on iTunes for free.

National Pi Day

  • As soon as you log into the game, a notice will come up telling you to put the numbers for Pi. You start off with "3" and a period will come up. Then, "1-4".
    • For those three numbers, you get a Donut per number.
    • For the next seven numbers, you get two Donut per number.
    • For the next five numbers, you get three Donut per number.
    • For the next ten numbers, you get five Donut per number.
    • For the rest of the numbers, you get ten Donut per number.
    • To avoid cheating, this will be timed and you will have 10 seconds to put a number down.
  • You will unlock a new skin for Homer, Pie Man for free that day.

St. Patrick's Day

  • The Leprechaun can be brought for 175 Donut and you'll get triple income until May 1. He will also have more money and XP received during quicker tasks.
  • Old Irish Man will be seen as a non-playable character. Clicking him will give you 100,000 Cash.
  • Make the men go drink at Moe's Tavern for twelve hours to get 100,000 Cash. It will be doubled if it finishes from 7PM-12AM.
  • Make the the rest of the town brawl and have a twenty-four hour fight to get another 100,000 Cash.
  • There will be special giveaways for a pot of gold, featuring 1,000,000 Cash. There will also be special giveaways for the Duff Brewery, along with a sale and possibilities to win different Moe's Taverns, seen in National Beer Month.
  • On that day only, you can click four-leaf clovers to get 500 Cash and at your friend's town for 1,000 Cash. Click on 10 that day only to get a pot of gold and rainbow. If you click on other clovers or fake ones, you will lose 500 Cash and a clover will be stolen that you clicked on.


  • Tasks include finding easter eggs, which may contain donuts, XP or cash and making Ralph find the same egg over and over again.
  • A Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny will be available for 30 Donut that day only, along with Peeps Shop for 350 Cash.

April Fool's Day

  • All day long, you can call Moe's Tavern and prank call Moe. At times, Moe would get angry and try to find where Bart lives. 500 Cash and 200 XP will be rewarded on each prank call.
  • You can see Hugh Ass in a non-playable role for the entire day and he might pick up the phone line once or twice.

National Superhero Month

  • The first comic book was released in America in April and to celebrate, The Simpsons: Tapped Out will give you Radioactive Man (alternate form of Rainer Wolfcastle) if you log onto the game all thirty days in April.
  • Fallout Boy (alternate form of Milhouse Van Houten) will be rewarded once you make Milhouse do one twenty-four hour auditioning task, followed up by nine twenty-four hour rehearsing tasks.
  • Fruit Bat Man Mobile will be unlocked, once you put Fruit Bat Man on three tasks for the month.

National Golf Day

  • Log onto the game for putts, golf sand and golf water in a new golf area for free on April 18.
  • Make Bart clean up golf balls and Willie clean up golf balls (both eight hour tasks) to unlock golfing tasks for other characters, including Dr. Hibbert, Krusty, Kent Brockman and Disco Stu.
  • After you put Dr. Hibbert on a golfing task, you will unlock a Golf Cart for free. More golf carts will be in the store for 50,000 Cash.

British Day

  • Helen Fielding and all the characters will move faster and do their missions faster for that day only. Missions will only take half the time they normally do, with normal pay. It is on April 21.

Whacking Day

  • You can get customizable whacking bats for each of the characters on May 10.
  • The Whacking Day episode will be free on iTunes for that day only.

We Hate Shelbyville Day

  • Once you answer a question about the episode, the Springfield Lemon Tree will pour out double cash hourly on May 14 (the day Lemon of Troy premiered).
    • The episode will be free on iTunes for that day only.
  • For 2014, there might be a chance to buy and/or unlock the following characters: Joe, Principal Valiant, Shelbyville Manhattan, Shelby, Shelby's father, Shelbyville Elementary groundskeeper, Speed-E-Mart owner and "Milhouse" and the following locations: Joe's Tavern, Shelbyville Elementary School, Speed-E-Mart and Statue of Shelbyville Manhattan in a new town where you can get double income for every click. Cash will go either way for each one.

Star Wars Day

  • Log in on May 25 for a free Princess Leia Ralph. He'll say "I'm a Star Wars".
  • An exclusive job for that day only would be Homer Simpson wearing his Scent of a Wookiee cologne, Bart and Skinner battling it out with peanuts and shrimp and Lenny and Carl fighting with radioactive rods.
  • You will be able to see Comic Book Guy with a lightsaber and Ralph's Star Wars collection.
  • The sky will be very dark and starry and you will be able to see the Death Star.

National Running Day

  • On June 5, you can put characters on special twenty-four hour tasks, "Run a Marathon" to unlock them permanently. Once you put Bart on it, his disguise will be seen (but not unlocked).

Harry Potter Week

During the week of June 30, there will be a new collectable if you log into the game each day.

  • Day 1: Leprechaun (if not received earlier, will be for only 70 Donut for that day only)
  • Day 2: Wizard Bart Simpson.
  • Day 3: Wizard Lisa Simpson.
  • Day 4: Wizard Edna Krabappel.
  • Day 5: Montymort's Lair (alternate form of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant)
  • Day 6: Lord Montymort.
  • Day 7: Sithers.
  • Log in all the days for an alternate form of Springfield Elementary, Springwart's School of Magicry.


  • The Summer update will take place on June 21 and will end on September 5, so the items will be removed by then.
  • Kamp Krusty will be a premium item and many of the bullies, Krusty and kids will do missions and tasks there. It costs 200 Donut.
  • You can buy several pools and poolsizes. The small pool will be 5000 Cash, medium pool will be 10,000 Cash and large pool will be 25,000 Cash. There will be a deluxe pool for 200 Donut. Hot tubs will be available for double the price as pools, but no deluxe availability.
  • The Springfield Pool Mobile will be 250,000 Cash and all the kids will be able to swim in it.
  • The Springfield Swimming Pool will also be available, but for 100,000 Cash.
  • You can choose to have the ocean rather than the mountains full time and you can also buy sand (as a new area to walk on year-long).
  • There will be many beach items, such as surfboards, sand buckets, sand, sand sculptures and sand houses.
  • Cool off Springfield by unlocking It Blows, by logging into Springfield thirty days during the summer.
  • Cool off Springfield by locking a lemonade stand, by logging into Springfield sixty days during the summer.

Fourth of July

  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks. Finish the quests, buy the fireworks and come back to the game at night to see them shoot in the air for free donuts, cash and XP. This will be going on for one hour.
  • You may also buy decorative fireworks too.
  • You can get free patriotic versions of Homer, Lisa, Bart, Maggie, Marge and Apu through the store (donuts and cash), for logging in or giveaways.
  • You can also win a free version of the Patriotic Version of the Kwik-E-Mart, through giveaways.

National Dog Month

  • August is National Dog Month and Springfield Downs will undergo major changes, such as double income if won, losing all the cash you bet if lost, new dogs and more friends, likelier chance of winning.
  • There will be a new decoration: Greyhound Box available in the shop for 750 Cash.
  • Log on sometime that month for Always Comes in Second, I'm Number Three, Sir Gallahan, Fido, Dog O'War, Quadruped, Chew My Shoe, Santa's Little Helper and She's the Fastest.
    • She's the Fastest, the highest amount of unlikeliness unlocks you an alternate form of Santa's Little Helper: her.
  • Springfield Downs will have less waiting time (fifteen minutes), likelier chances of winning and double income earned if won.
  • Santa's Little Helper will get triple income and you can mess up your friend's neighborhoods up to ten times, rather than the normal three.
  • Log on each day to get a new dog for Springfield Downs. The new dog will be a greyhound puppy from Two Dozen and One Greyhounds. If you miss a day, you'll need to wait a year to get the dog.
    • The episode will be free on iTunes for that month only.
  • Log onto the game on August 26 for the Wiggle-Puppy, as a non-playable character.
  • Log onto the game on August 27 to see that Santa's Little Helper is gone.
  • Log onto the game on August 28 to unlock Mr. Mitchell as a playable character.
  • Log onto the game on August 29 to make Santa's Little Helper choose between Mr. Mitchell or Bart. The winning side [announced the following day] will win 1,000,000 Cash and a lucky winner from one side will win 100 Donut.
  • Log onto the game on August 30 to unlock Laddie as a playable dog.
  • Log onto the game on August 31 to unlock Rosa Barks as a non-playable dog.
  • Log onto the game for the entire month for free 10,000,000 Cash, a reference to Two Dozen and One Greyhounds.

Back to School

Toward the start of September, there will be an update for Back to School. The items will be in the game until the end of July, yearly, when the summer items return. They'll be back the following school year however. Characters and how to get them will not be mentioned, so it is the player's choice to buy them or not.

The following equipment will be used by children if they are out of school:

  • Dodgeballs
    • 10 Cash.
    • You need to buy ten dodgeballs to unlock Coach Krupt.
  • Security Cameras
    • 50 Cash.
    • You need to buy twenty security cameras to unlock Dr. J. Loren Pryor.
  • Hanging Rope
    • 100 Cash.
    • Brunella Pommelhorst will be received once you buy one, but she isn't mentioned in the shop.
    • Kids will get stuck on it if they use it.
  • School District Sign
    • 250 Cash.
    • Elizabeth Hoover will be received once you buy one, but she isn't mentioned in the shop.
  • Hopscotch Area
    • 500 Cash.
    • Janey Powell will be unlocked if you buy one hopscotch area and a rock.
  • Slide
    • 1,000 Cash.
    • You need to buy two slides to unlock Uter Zoker.
    • The price will be lowered and it will be changed just like all the new back to school items.
  • Lunch Food Packages
    • 2,500 Cash.
    • You need to buy three food packages to unlock Lunchlady Doris.
  • Seesaw
    • 2,500 Cash.
    • You need to buy two seesaws to unlock Allison Taylor.
    • The price will be lowered and it will be changed just like all the new back to school items.
  • Monkey Bars
    • 5,000 Cash.
    • You need to buy two sets of monkey bars to unlock Database.
  • Jungle Gym
    • 7,500 Cash.
    • Melissa will be unlocked if you buy monkey bars and a chinning bar to go with it.
  • Chinning Bar: Samatha Stankey.
    • 10,000 Cash.
  • Sandbox
    • 12,000 Cash.
  • Tire Swing: Francine Rhenquist.
    • 20,000 Cash.
  • Crazy Spinner
    • 25,000 Cash.
    • Sherri and Terri will be received once you buy one, but they aren't mentioned in the shop.
  • Quicksand Box
    • 50,000 Cash.
  • Basketball Court: Eddie and Lou (alternate way of getting them).
    • 100 Donut.
  • Three Chalkboards
    • 75,000 Cash.
    • Three for the price of one: you can unlock Dewey Largo if you buy it, but he's not mentioned in the shop.
    • You can create your own chalkboard gag or make Bart write some previously used chalkboards.
  • Bleachers
    • 100,000 Cash.
    • Once you let five kids sit on the bleachers at once, you unlock Donny as a playable character.
  • Permanent Records
    • 200,000 Cash.
    • Once you buy five sets of permanent records, you can control multiple kids at once, along with getting Gary Chalmers.
  • Once you unlock everything, you will receive Audrey McConnell, Lewis Jackson and Richard.
  • At the end of the school year, you will get a 25,000 Cash bonus (Skinner's Sense of Snow) for having Seymour Skinner and making him do at least 100 tasks before the school year ends.

National Beer Month

  • Unlock alternate forms of Moe's for the month of September.
    • You can change the form of Moe's by double-clicking it anytime you want. It will be like the character selection sheet.
    • Moe's Ice Cream Carnival: do a one week task.
    • M: do a two week task.
    • The Nag & Weasel: pay 5,000 Cash.
    • Mo's: pay 10,000 Cash.
    • Moe's Pet Shop: pay 25,000 Cash.
    • Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag: pay 50,000 Cash.
    • Flaming Moe's: pay 275 Donut.
  • You will also unlock Rex Banner if you collect all the incarnations, in playable fashion.
  • If you have the Duff Brewery, you will unlock Spuds McDuff for that month only.
  • Once you get Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag, you will unlock Uncle Moe, an alternate form of Moe.


  • Tasks (October 1-October 10):
    • Skinner (60 minutes): Talk to Willie about Scotchtober.
    • Willie (6 hours): Get ready for Scothtoberfest.
    • Bart (5 minutes): Walk outside to fall into the trap.
    • Skinner (45 seconds): Tell Bart he is getting detention.
    • Bart (12 hours): Serve detention.
    • Willie (1 hour): Get upset, thinking the holiday is real.
    • Willie (1 hour): Play bagpipes.
    • Willie (6 days): Try to convince the town to celebrate the event.
  • The reward for this will be 8,000 Cash.

National Baby Day

  • Get an alternate form of Bart Simpson, Baby Stink Breath and a stroller (where you can stroll Maggie around the town with Marge) if you log onto Simpsons: Tapped Out on October 15.
  • You can also see Ling Bouvier on a more consistent role if you log in that day.


  • You can buy gravestones for dead characters, such as Alice Glick, Aunt Gladys Bouvier, Beatrice Simmons, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Clancy Bouvier, Cornelius Chapman, Fat Tony, Frank Ormand, Gladys Bouvier, "Grimey", Marvin Monroe, Maude Flanders, Shary Bobbins, Snowball I, Snowball II, Snowball III, Steve Mobbs and Waylon Smithers, Jr.

World Series

  • Each year, you can buy up to five players of your choice on the 1992 League Champs team for 11,111 Cash each and you can get any of them for 22 Donut each.
  • Baseball Charlie will be rewarded if you guess the final score of a game correctly and Baseball Carl will be rewarded if you pick the correct team to win the series. Finally, Baseball Lenny will be rewarded if you pick the correct team in the amount of games to win the series. Picks will lock the day before the series begins.
  • Once you unlock five players, you will unlock Baseball Homer. If you unlock all nine, you will get Baseball Burns, who will dance.
  • If you unlock everyone, including Baseball Charlie, Carl, Lenny, Burns and Homer, you will get Baseball Crossdresser Jasper and Baseball Crossdresser Abe.
  • Ozzie Smith comes with the Springfield Mystery Spot and it will not cost or be extra money.
  • Once you unlock everyone, you will get a Springfield Baseball Field and a photo of the occasion.
  • There will also be purchasable baseball equipment, including bats, balls, bases, pitching mounds and dugouts.

National Gambling Month

  • Unlock Bart's Casino for the month of November.
    • You can change the form of Bart's Treehouse to Bart's Casino by double-clicking it anytime you want. It will be like the character selection sheet.
    • Bart's Casino: 50 Donut.
  • You will also unlock Amber Simpson and Ginger Flanders if you get Bart's Casino, in playable fashion.
  • Mr. Burns Casino will have less waiting time (fifteen minutes), likelier chances of winning and double income earned if won.

Hockey Day

  • On November 13, Lisa on Ice premiered and it'll be free on iTunes that day. There will be a number of unlockable things if you log into the game that day.
  • Log in for a topless Uter Zoker (who can now be chased around by Homer Simpson) and Hockey Lisa for free.
  • There will also be purchasable hockey equipment, including pucks, sticks and goals.
  • Kids will play hockey in the Springfield Skating Ring that week and toward Christmas time, they can do it then too.

Television Day

  • Anyone relating to television or any studios will give you triple cash on November 21.
  • You can see Conan O'Brian, Corporal Punishment, Ms. No Means No and Tina Ballerina as non-playable characters only that day. Click on one of them for 10 Donut. If you click them all, you will earn a bonus 500 Cash.


  • More balloons will be handed out. Five will be paid via cash, three will be paid via donuts and two are from finishing quests.
  • Lisa's centerpiece will be given away on Thanksgiving once you log into the game.
    • Bart vs. Thanksgiving will be free on iTunes for that day only.


  • Log into Simpsons: Tapped Out on the first night of Hanukkah to get a menorah.
  • Log into Simpsons: Tapped Out on the final night of Hanukkah to get the Jewish Walk of Fame.
  • Log into Simpsons: Tapped Out on all eight nights of Hanukkah to get Hyman Krustofsky.

Springfield Day

  • Each December 17, you can unlock a 1987 version of each character of The Simpsons' family. They can do several tasks too. All you have to do is log into the game on December 21 and the first character is your's. If you miss a year, you won't get a chance to get the character again, until you buy the pack with donuts.
    • 1st Year: Homer.
    • 2nd Year: Marge.
    • 3rd Year: Bart.
    • 4th Year: Lisa.
    • 5th Year: Maggie.
    • Family Pack: 200 Donut
    • Deluxe Family Pack (with Abraham Simpson): 275 Donut


  • Springfield is covered in snow for all of December and January.
  • Tap on Homer ten times for a burning Christmas Tree and the Christmas Tree hiding in the snow (Miracle on Evergreen Terrace).
  • You can buy and also create your own snowmen.
    • If you buy five snowmen, you will get the entire Simpsons family as snowmen, as seen in Marge Be Not Proud.
  • The kids can go caroling or throw snowballs and will receive candy canes as their rewards (rather than Santa Coins).
  • You can make your own christmas tree with all types of decorations you can select and pay for.
  • Try and Save: Don Brodka [non talking] and Purple Hoodie Bart.
    • Mission (Bart Simpson): Watch 24 hours of shoplifting videos for 650 Cash and 150 XP.
  • Santa Village: Alternative Santa costume for Homer Simpson.
    • Mission (Homer Simpson): Listen to kids for 12 hours for 13 Cash and 13 XP.
  • Springfield Tire Fireplace
    • Placed onto the Springfield Tire Fire, costs 500,000 Cash.
  • Plow Truck: Alternative Mr. Plow costume for Barney Gumble and Homer Simpson.
    • Mission (Homer Simpson): Rescue Barney Gumble from the snow in three days for 2500 Cash and 450 XP.
  • For 150 Donut, you can buy the Springfield Ice Skating Ring, allowing characters to ice skate or dance together.
  • Funzo gives you triple income.
  • You can vandalize your friend's towns by making yellow snow.
  • New Year's Eve countdown with a Donut given out for every second in the last minute of the year logged into the game as the clock strikes a new year.
    • There will be several be several giveaways for 2013 Cash and 2013 XP.

25 Days of Christmas

You need to come to the game all 25 days for the next gift. If you miss one, you can always pay 100 Donut for the one you are missing or you would want or 1000 Donut for them all at once, including the big bonus gift for unlocking everything. The daily bonus boxes will not be available, until the day after Christmas (December 26).

  • December 1: Snow for Springfield.
  • December 2: Make a free snowman.
  • December 3: 5 Donut.
  • December 4: Double donuts if you win in Springfield Downs.
  • December 5: Bonus mystery box, featuring either bonus cash, bonus XP, props and donuts.
  • December 6: Faster Springfield Downs results, with likelier change of winning.
  • December 7: Funzo will become a playable character with tasks.
  • December 8: Double cash for the rest of the month.
  • December 9: Pick three ordinates you want for your christmas tree for free.
  • December 10: Bonus mystery box, featuring either bonus cash, bonus XP, props and donuts.
  • December 11: 10 Donut.
  • December 12: Maggie's snow star jacket will be used, until February.
  • December 13: Win the best decorated house for Santa's Little Helper.
  • December 14: Triple donuts if you win in Springfield Downs.
  • December 15: Bonus mystery box, featuring either bonus cash, bonus XP, props and donuts.
  • December 16: School and work are both cancelled. Double XP day.
  • December 17: Springfield Day (you get Homer for your first year, then Marge, then Bart, then Lisa, then Maggie).
  • December 18: 25 Donut.
  • December 19: Last minute Christmas shopping, with sales for props.
  • December 20: Last minute Christmas shopping, with sales for characters.
  • December 21: Set your wishlist for Christmas, by using the Personalized Talking Astrolabe. You might get a big surprise. Once you set your wishlist, you can optionally pay 50,000 Cash for Things Unnecessary.
  • December 22: 50 Donut.
  • December 23: Last minute Christmas shopping, with sales for buildings.
  • December 24: Last minute Christmas shopping, with sales for donuts.
  • December 25: Merry Christmas! You will get a mystery box, filled with two of characters, locations, double income for the day, triple income for the day and donuts. We hope what you wished for on the seventeenth came true.

If you come everyday, you will receive the Springfield Mall with Gil Gunderson and a Santa suit, along with an additional Santa's Little Helper costume (Reindeer).


  • Log onto the game from December 26-January 5 to enjoy Smarch. You will get a free Smarch calendar, where you can check out every month from the following year.
  • There will be Springfield Elementary tasks that are double the cost and half the time. Also, the school itself and playground equipment will have sale cuts.

New Year's Eve

  • Be one of the first ten thousand to log in as the ball drops for a New Year's Ball and 50 Donut.
  • Be one of the first hundred thousand to log in as the ball drops for 25 Donut.
  • Be one of the million to log in as the ball drops for 10 Donut.

Springfield for a Day

  • Seen in the Springfield Shopper, you are always entered in a "Springfield for a Day" contest. The best Springfields will always be showcased in a section of the paper.
  • If you win, you will receive the following:
    • Key to the City
      • Key to the City unlocks going to other's Springfields that aren't even your's or your friends. You will also receive a special chat group to talk to all the other winners (friending them is possible too) and will unlock bonus tasks for characters in game that aren't exclusive to other members. Key to the City members also unlock a new building or a character that is related to the law and justice, or if you have all of that, a character skin/alternate form.
    • 1 premium character or building
    • Lucky day with scratchcards
    • Another 25 Days of Christmas wish
    • A billboard saying "My Springfield is Better Than Your's" (with a picture of Nelson)
    • 50 Donut
    • 250,000 Cash
    • 10,000 XP

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